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Discover the full potential of your pink diamond by listing it with us. Our platform connects Australian sellers to a global audience of discerning collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the unique beauty and rarity of these gems.

fancy vivid pink argyle diamond in tweezers
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For a limited time a 75% discount applies to qualifying stones.
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Pear shaped Argyle pink diamond

Our collection offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of natural history, with each diamond bearing its distinctive hue and individual characteristics, making them as breathtaking as they are rare.

Argyle blue-grey heart diamond

Shop with confidence knowing that every pink diamond on our platform is carefully authenticated and verified. Your purchase of these rare gems is protected by our commitment to transparency and security.

GIA Colored Diamond Grading Reports
Message Centre

Explore our Message Centre, your private space for seamless communication between buyers and sellers to discuss potential pink diamond sales.

fancy deep pink argyle diamond
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